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Do Compression Shorts really work ?

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Compression shorts are a type of clothing worn primarily by athletes. They can be worn a couple of ways and are chosen for a number of health and safety advantages. Once you have determined whether you could benefit by wearing compression shorts, you then need to decide on a proper fit and style.

Compression shorts can be worn for several purposes. They are used to separate the hamstring and groin muscles, which will help prevent muscle strain and injury. The garment thwarts chafing and rashes, making them a favorite of bicyclists and some runners. The fabrics used to make them keep muscles warm in cooler weather, preventing cramps and helping them work more efficiently. They also wick away perspiration, helping athletes stay reasonably comfortable.

Compression shorts are typically close to skintight. There are different types of shorts, and you will need to consider what you will wear them for when deciding on a style. Some of them are meant to be worn as an undergarment. These are commonly worn by football, baseball and soccer players and men's styles will often have a built-in protective cup holder. Other styles, such as those worn by bicyclists, are outer attire to be worn by themselves or as a layer in colder climates.
Compression shorts come in a wide variety, particularly men's versions. Some types of men's shorts compress everywhere except for the sensitive male reproductive area. There are several types that provide extra firmness and support in certain areas, such as the hip or groin. These aid in healing an injury or help prevent re-injuring a problem area. Women's varieties are designed to fit the female form and allow movement where needed. Compression shorts come in an extensive array of colors, as well.
Compression shorts can be worn anytime an athlete is performing, whether that is during a competition, warming up or practicing. When the correct size and style has been chosen, the shorts are comfortable and not constricting, aiding in the bending, stretching and moving that athletes regularly undergo. The shorts are typically attractive, smoothing out and hiding minor lumps or other blemishes. There are varieties of the shorts that offer odor protection, as well.
While compression shorts do indeed help people avoid injuries, they are not miracle garments. Although advantages have been touted, scientific studies have not shown any true benefit to the musculoskeletal system. In addition, some athletes swear by the added benefits of the shorts, but there is no firm proof that the shorts will help you run or bike any faster or jump any higher. It is also imperative that you try on compression shorts prior to buying them. If they do not fit properly, they can be uncomfortable and irritating rather than effective.


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